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RISE TO THE TOP is a story of a young leader who eventually becomes a CEO. While following her career journey, you will engage in 10 game-changing leadership lessons through the lens of a coach and learn how to successfully navigate through the challenges and transitions of being a leader.

“…The opportunity to experience coaching firsthand.”

The coaching challenges offered at the end of each chapter will dramatically improve your leadership style This unique short read provides a road map for both leaders and executive coaches.

No matter what your top is, this book offers insights and a roadmap for being the best you as a leader!

Advanced Praise for RISE TO THE TOP

“A captivating story of a leaders journey packed full of lessons and tools for both leaders and coaches.”

Paul Harkins, Author, Leadership Thought Leader

“Dr. Julie Compton provides sage leadership advice from her many years as an executive coach in this beautifully written story. Enjoy a captivating tale of a fast-track career, experiencing many challenging leadership scenarios—and wise coaching—along the way.”

Brian O. Underhill, PhD, CEO and Founder CoachSource, LLC

“Julie skillfully uses Dianne’s journey to highlight leadership lessons from which we all can benefit. Her coaching approach to this work will leave you challenged and equipped to be a better leader.”

Josh Rogers, Head of Coaching, Walmart, Inc.

“Exceptional team leadership guidance for professions that depend on humans cooperating with each other. In other words, every profession.”

Steve Moore, Animated Film Creator/Producer, Author, Syndicated Cartoonist

“This real-world story offers lessons I wish I had known 10 years ago. If you are willing to make the necessary changes to dramatically improve your leadership effectiveness, this short book and Julie’s coaching are for you.”

Greg Randolph, SVP of Global Sales, MobileIron

“Julie has been in the trenches, and from those valuable experiences comes this sage advice for leaders. Follow the practical wisdom she offers, and you will get better as a leader of teams.”

Thomas G. Crane, Consultant and Author of “The Heart of Coaching”

“A small book with a big message that speaks to leaders of all generations. Her series of coaching episodes are packed full of leadership lessons. A creative, short read well written for learning in today’s fast-paced world.”

Margaret Moore, Founder and CEO, Wellcoaches Corporation; Co-Director, Institute of Coaching; Author

More About The Book

Executive coaching is usually reserved for the higher levels in an organization… not anymore. With this short powerful read, you will be afforded the opportunity to experience coaching firsthand.

Dr. Julie Compton, an Executive Coach with 20 years experience shows you how to lead with authenticity and transparency through the story of a young leaders journey to the pinnacle of success. Completing the coaching actions offered at the end of each chapter will sharpen you as a leader, benefit your relationships and improve your organization.

Along the journey, you will engage in 10 game-changing leadership lessons through the lens of a coach and learn how to successfully navigate through the challenges and transitions of being a leader. You will gain insight into strategy, communication, influence and stakeholder relationships.

The lessons and challenges offered in this book are meant to be impactful and change the way you lead yourself, your life, your team and organization.
Expect to:

  • Be challenged on your leadership style
  • Increase your self-awareness
  • Envision the leader you want to be
  • Make behavioral changes in your communication
  • Create new habits that empower others
  • Influence your peers in new ways
  • Build more effective relationships

Rise to the top is about you…. Being your best. Living the leadership adventure. Accepting the challenge and rising to whatever your “top” is.