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“My primary objective is to help individuals and organizations optimize performance and their life,  support leaders in achieving the goals and changes they desire through an action oriented, coaching and advising relationship.”

Julie focuses her coaching in the following areas: executive development, leadership development, transitioning roles,  and behavioral /interpersonal challenges. She has over 28 years experience as a consultant, facilitator, and executive coach in her own company partnering with industry leaders to strengthen leadership, management, and communication. Her PhD in adult and organizational learning, MA in psychology and BA in communications, as well as her expertise in working with and in corporations creates her solid foundation for addressing a wide range of challenges.

She is certified in numerous assessment tools (Hogan,SDI,360’s, etc.) She consistently draws on her ability to understand human behavior to effectively partner with clients to form practical solutions, create new habits, foster new thinking and achieve goals in a supportive manner.

She is especially skilled in working with leaders to understand and build their capabilities in the areas of emotional intelligence, transitioning to executive roles, strategic thinking, organizational planning, influencing others, stakeholder relationships, communication, managing others, change management and addressing conflict.

Her coaching approach is practical, methodical, action oriented and customized to each person and business. Leaders value her business acumen, insight and ability to understand people. She creates a trusting relationship with her clients respecting their learning approach.

Her clients describe her as motivational, practical, insightful, direct, dependable, tough when needed, goal oriented and supportive in nature. Clients have increased their ability to influence others, and become more self-aware of their own approach and strengths.  Clients learn how  to optimizing strategic big picture thinking, prepare for transitions, and feel empowered within the confidential dedicated coaching space.

Over the course of her 30 career, Julie has improved the performance of hundreds of individuals and numerous teams at all levels in multiple industries.