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• We are all leaders (at work, with family and community). There are many avenues Julie uses to impact her clients lives. Here are the latest:

Announcing: Fun, Micro-learning through 3 min Videos.

All leaders are in training, we never arrive. There is a destination or career that is different for all of us. The process to get there takes time, commitment, energy, insight, trial and error, and the assistance of others.

To help you along the way, I have launched a YouTube channel offering 3 minute videos that use outdoor, adventure or athletic situations as analogies for leadership.

In each video clip you will learn about some aspect of leadership AND be given a Challenge, which is a coaching challenge for you to do… and, although they may seem simple, I encourage you to watch and find a lighter way to improve your leadership.

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I am thrilled to bring my adventures to you as I travel and video my experience, on the fly, and share a leadership lesson and challenge with you.

Offering: Health and Wellness Coaching for leaders using HRV data.

I have vast experience (Certified personal Trainer,Certified Pilates instructor, HeartMath certification, advising founder of Wellcoaches,Inc. and HRV training) that I bring to executives in order to deal with stress, exercise, and lifestyle concerns that come from your intense working environment. I can incorporate this into your business and leadership goals or it can be separate coaching.

I recently finished working with a SVP at Walmart and a SVP at Mobileiron who participated in my Executive Wellness Coaching. I have perfected a methodology to change your habits. I partner with a company from Finland for a monitor that you wear providing 3-5 days of HRV data, and an expert in HRV feedback and coaching from England (Adeki).Next we set up goals and I provide weekly coaching after you see your statistics. Together we move you towards greater health which benefits your mental energy, focus, clarity, memory and of course physical energy for performing on the job.

Prevent BURNOUT, reduce STRESS, reclaim HEALTH, feel ENERGY, gain FOCUS, reduce FATIGUE, increase RESTORATION, find BALANCE. This can be you, let’s get started!