Mentoring and Coaching for Millennial’s- Do Life Well!

//Mentoring and Coaching for Millennial’s- Do Life Well!
Mentoring and Coaching for Millennial’s- Do Life Well!2024-04-17T03:38:33+00:00

Do you want to be Fierce, Rock your Relationships, Kick your Career into High Gear and Live Your Best Life?

It is a challenge,  And, you CAN do it! 

I will share my strategies that I have used over 58 years to be the best version of myself with you! I will partner with you so you can sustain, thrive, succeed, conquer, and get through the highs and lows while maintaining happiness and health!  I had to overcome a lot of challenges in life with a little M from others, and I want to bring a big M to you ( mentor and motivation) so you can to!

1. Check out my  3 min Videos that motivate, inspire and teach you

We are all in training, we never arrive. The journey is different for all of us. You love feedback. You want a mentor. Thats where I come in!

To help you along the way, I have launched a YouTube channel offering 3 minute videos where I casually speak to you in an  outdoor awesome setting, or casual situation sharing analogies for leadership, life, providing hope, tips and strategies .

Please Subscribe to my channel ! The more you view, the more I will post! Let me know what you like and want more of.I love bringing my adventures to you as I travel and video my experience, on the fly, and share my life with you.

2.Together we will also level up your lifestyle so you can be healthy, in mind and body, and as successful as YOU want to be.

Do you want to stop comparing yourself to others on Social Media? How about the feeling of Imposter Syndrome? I get it, so do most of my clients… You can change it today!

I have vast experience in health  (Certified personal Trainer,Certified Pilates instructor, HeartMath certification, advising founder of Wellcoaches,Inc. and HRV training) that I bring to you so you can find balance, deal with stress, incorporate exercise, and live a healthy lifestyle that allows you to Be the Best You and Do Life Well!  Whatever your future you looks like, let’s get you there!

Control the SOCIAL, Manage your MIND,  reduce STRESS, reclaim HEALTH, feel ENERGY, gain FOCUS, reduce FATIGUE, increase RESTORATION, find BALANCE, Feel SUCCESSFUL and SMART, inside and out! This can be you, let’s get started!