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Executive coaching is ” The Establishment of a vital relationship over time in which the coach, in confidence…. supports, challenges, assists, advises and holds accountable the desired growth and goals of the client.” The process is always client focused and follows a methodology which leads to increased knowledge, new skills and leverages strengths. Through coaching, leaders can attain new heights and also prepare for future roles. Senior executives in particular face many demands balancing operational and strategic demands ,maintaining important stakeholder relationships and managing the financials all while engaging their team. If leaders are operating at their best, the organization can maximize it’s performance.

The magic I bring to each coaching session comes from my diverse background, both practical, experienced and academic, in psychology, communication, business, adult learning and organizational development. Having worked in all industries and globally, I understand the challenges executives, senior leaders and those in transition to higher levels of leadership face.

How to set up a coaching contract?
I work with organizations, typically through the executive suite or the Human Resources or Learning and Development functions. I also contract directly with individuals, VC’s and PE’s.
Most contracts range from 6 months to one year or longer in the case of teams or organizations. All include a systematic coaching process that is results driven including: 360 interviews, assessments, shadow coaching. The methodology is unique to you and your culture yet the process I use is based on a framework that is proven over time.

My mission is simple- to help you be a better leader, and in turn a better you. Find out how I can assist you in leveraging your strengths, gaining self-awareness, improving your desired skill sets and making sustainable behavior changes. Navigating the culture, the business politics and stakeholder management can be easier when you have a trusted advisor by your side. Just ask my past clients or review my testimonials.