Executive Coaching

  • Who you choose to work with as your coach is an important decision as it impacts your career, your personal life and who you are as a person… not to mention those around you in the organization. The best choice is to interview 2 or 3 coaches to decide who to commit too. Ideally, you want to feel like you can develop a trusting relationship with your coach, and of course, interviewing them about their background and expertise that meets your needs.
  • I would love to talk with you to understand your goals and challenges and what you would like to see and do differently as a leader. If it is a match for both of us, we will contract together( usually partnering with your organization) and design a plan that meet your needs. For example while I always gather stakeholder 360 phone interviews, some people benefit from a written 360 as well. Others need assessments to learn about their deraliers or their style. A typical contract is for 6, 12 or 18 months for SLL and Executives. Extensions are often requested. Feel free to email, send in a contact form, or give me a call with your questions.

Client Stories

  • A new EVP of global sales at a software co. exceeded goals his first year, but his leadership style was too operational and communication style was described as unapproachable, and overbearing. He initiated coaching to be self-aware and prepare himself for a future executive role. Julie coached him over a year transitioning him into an enterprise wide strategic thinker, well-respected leader who gained self-control over his communication, executive presence, vulnerability, and influence. He dramatically shifted his stress and lifestyle management to manage the demands of the C –Suite while raising the performance of the organization.
  • A SVP of a Fortune 10 retail org with over 20 years of experience needed to“own” her POV more confidently within the Executive and BOD meetings. A well-respected expert in her domain, she became more concise, confident and poised as well as began making more personal decisions that impacted her performance in the company. In 6 months, she was also decisively and quickly implementing actions within her team and proactively fostering stronger perceptions with stakeholders.