Every organization needs top leadership talent performing at their best to compete in today’s changing economy.

About Julie, Executive Coach

Julie focuses her coaching in the following areas: executive development, leadership development, transitioning and behavioral /interpersonal challenges.

She has over 20 years experience as an executive coach, is a seasoned facilitator, and consultant in her own company partnering with industry leaders to strengthen leadership, management, and communication.

Leaders are similar to athletes

All leaders are in training. There is a destination that is different for all of us. The process to get there takes time, commitment, energy, insight, trial and error, and the coaching of others.

To help you along the way, Julie launched a YouTube channel offering 3 minute videos that use outdoor, adventure or athletic situations as analogies for leadership. She also offers a challenge, action or insight each video. An enjoyable, short and interesting way to learn while being entertained.