Julie Compton knows every organization needs top leadership talent performing at their best to compete in today’s changing economy. For over 20 years, Julie has used her methodology and unique approach to coach numerous executives and Hi-potential leaders. Excellent Leaders are developed over time and every leader faces unique challenges. Her approach is both supportive and challenging, always assisting clients in moving forward. She is a truth telling, forward thinking advisor, supporter and challenger who paves the way for clients to make sustainable behavior change!

What Clients Say about Julie

Julie was tremendous to work with. We developed a high level of trust and had excellent sessions.  I learned a lot from her experience. This was a tremendous exercise in self-understanding. Very practical, action oriented. We refined goals along the way.  And I made progress in my career and learned new skills along the way.
Rick Leahy, Walmart, Inc.

I honestly don’t have a clue what could have been better. Julie made a huge impact to my life. She understood my needs and gave me clear direction and explanations for what I needed to do to change my behaviors and grow in the right direction.
Missy Schnurstein, Oath

Julie is a remarkably gifted coach , her insight, and wisdom far exceeded my expectations for my sessions. I was nervous and she made everything safe, which in turn made it possible to take risks and learn.
Vicki, Fortune 500

Julie, I don’t know how you do it but you have such a gift for being able to understand people, ask those questions that people don’t really want to be asked(!) and create a relaxed and non-judgemental environment. Thank you for showing such kindness and for helping me focus and come away with a simple but actionable plan. You’ve given me such good ideas which have been really easy to implement and see immediate benefit. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you.
Kat M. VP, Northern Trust, London Office

Very early on Julie established trust and set clear expectations. We began with an understanding of what each person wanted to get from this experience. Julie’s communication style is direct and she expresses genuine concern. A valuable experience.
Terry Brown, Union Pacific

I have been very impressed with Julie’s coaching skills and insights. Julie is able to quickly diagnose the behaviors that are both contributing and not contributing to my goals. Instead of internalizing difficult exchanges, Julie has encouraged me to be more responsive with individuals that I must work with on a regular basis
Kent Satterlee, Shell E&P Co.

She is an extremely intelligent, very well versed in concepts of attaining and transferring learning, strategic thinker, and a very clear communicator. She identified my development needs rather quickly using effective dialogue and introspection techniques. Dr. Compton made me understand the value of asking questions, listening, assessing audiences, making quick and effective points, and truly influencing with skill. Early on in the coaching process, Julie helped me formulate an action plan that was agreed upon with my managers and rolled out as part of my formal professional development. The plan was followed and realized very effectively and it soon produced well noted results. Coaching experience and skills I received from Dr. Compton were invaluable in achieving my professional goals.
Gordana M. Djordjevic,Ph.D. BP Biofuels