Every organization needs top leadership talent performing at their best to compete in today’s changing economy.

Julie: Executive Coach

Julie focuses her coaching in the following areas: executive development, leadership development, transitioning and behavioral /interpersonal challenges.

She has over 28 years experience as an executive coach, team coach,  facilitator, and consultant in her own company partnering with industry leaders to strengthen leadership, teams, communication and culture.

Julie: Millennial Mentor/Coach

Finally!  you asked for it, Julie is now offering her years of executive coaching experience, life wisdom and personal strategies to Millennials at a fraction of the cost so you can afford it personally! Through her soon to be launched course ( super exciting name and program: hush hush!) and her weekly online zoom mentoring community, you can Live Your Best Life and Do Life Well!  She also works with a select few as 1:1 mentees. Meanwhile, you can catch her videos on Youtube or Instagram @ Juilecompton.phd and watch for updates!